A Gorgeous Millie day is filled with action. The day is planned for you and your little one to enjoy each other and the community.

getting started

Gorgeous Millie is a playgroup with a passionate commitment to fostering children’s curiosity, joy and learning.
Throughout the morning our teacher who is well versed in the latest childhood development techniques will assist children in their social interactions. These are crucial years to develop positive experiences with peers and skills that will help them make friends throughout their lives.

typical playgroup day

9:00 am to 9:50 am Free Play with teacher assistance
Dramatic Play
Sensory Table

9:50-10:00 am Circle time – going over numbers, letters, colors, stretching or another group activity

10:00 am Snack time

10:30 am Organized art activity followed by story time (bilingual storytime every Tuesday). We will then move onto open play

We believe in following the children’s lead. If they are more interested in art then we will devote more time and space to art projects. If music and instruments are captivating them then we enlarge that part of the program. This is a play based experience so we want to make sure the children have a fabulous time.

A couple times during the year we will provide parents a meaningful art project that expresses an interest of their children or repurposes a well loved and outgrown piece of clothing or toy. On a daily basis art projects will be more about the experience than the finished project. There won’t be a lot of turkeys made from handprints to take home but your child will love the process of using different textures and materials.

on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

A professional musician performs for the members.

11:50-noon Clean up time & Goodbye

live camera feeds

All members have access to live video feeds at Gorgeous Millie. To access the video stream on your mobile device, download the files here, and for instructions on how to connect to the video feed through your web browser, please send us an email at ADMISSIONS@GORGEOUSMILLIE.COM

If you have any further questions please contact us at: ADMISSIONS@GORGEOUSMILLIE.COM

Tel: 512-294-2352

3801 Capital of Texas Highway - Austin, TX, 78746